Therapy for Moms​​

“Somewhere in the middle of it all, I realized that I was nowhere on my priority list.”
As a mother, you are pulled in many directions.

Therapy for Moms, Imagine your waking hours are pieces of a pie. What would be the biggest pieces? Your kids, your job, your parents. The house and the never-ending laundry. After listing everything you “have to do” each day, how much of that pie is left for you? There are times in life when the answer is as simple as it is sad.None.There is no pie, no time, and seemingly no room in your life for you. We provide therapy for mothers, for just that reason.

Moms don’t have to accept the status quo.

Many of us accept the ways things are. Sometimes, it seems like its simply part of what we signed up for when we wanted to become a mother. We feel like we don’t have time to prioritize ourselves until it gets really bad – until our anger, fear, frustration, depression, or anxiety start to impact the other parts of our lives in a way we can no longer ignore.

theraoy for moms

You deserve to be a priority in your life.

This doesn’t mean you are a bad mother or a complainer. You aren’t being selfish or self-indulgent. You don’t need to suffer in silence or continue to wake up every day simply trying to get through the day.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Are you ready? (pause for dramatic effect)

Therapy for moms actually helps!

We know Therapy for moms helps. I don’t know how many times I sat across from a mom who seemed embarrassed by how long she has put off taking care of herself.

Mama, we get it. It is hard to find the time to prioritize yourself with the neverending to-do list and the work that seems to be piling up faster than you can make a dent in it. Sometimes, you feel bad about the idea of putting yourself first when you feel like everyone and everything relies on you.


I help mothers recognize how much they matter. Therapy provides you with a place to sit, breathe, and focus on you. Outside of the many roles you occupy, you are still you. You haven’t lost who you are. Your goals, dreams, and aspirations still matter. Therapy is your time. In therapy you can talk about what’s on your mind, what keeps you up at night, how you feel about an exchange with your partner, or a situation with your children. You don’t need to repeat the same mistakes your parents made. You have options and you have a choice.

Don’t wait for things to get really bad to see a Therapist.

You don’t have to wait until everyone is asleep to prioritize you. You are so many things to so many people. An investment in yourself is an investment in your future and your family.

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