Therapy for Life Changes

You thought you were reasonably prepared for this life change.

You knew there would be some bumps in the road and figured there might be some growing pains. Then a life change happened. What you didn’t realize is how much of you and your life would change as a result of one decision. You feel less confident than you would like and are starting to doubt your abilities, decisions, and actions. You tried to wait it out and hoped you would start to feel better. You didn’t talk about it and hoped it would go away. Now you realize that avoidance and pretending it doesn’t exist isn’t really helping you.

You want to feel better about yourself and your decisions.

More importantly, you are ready to understand why you react in certain ways so you can make better choices you won’t later regret. You want to more confidently navigate situations and relationships. In sum, you want to be able to face stressors head-on without losing yourself in the process of this transition.

At Approach Therapy, we do more than just smile and nod.

We utilize evidence-based practices and data-driven approaches to help you tackle problems head-on. With 24/7 online scheduling, options for in-person or teletherapy appointments, and paperless client portals you can access around the clock, click below to request an appointment today.

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