Our Mission

Approach Therapy’s mission is to provide high-quality, one-on-one therapy for clients struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, and other related issues. Using the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach, we form strong relationships with our clients and show them a path where they learn to manage challenges independently thanks to the support we provide and skills we help them develop.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support communtiies of color by employing therapists of color who value and serve more people of color, so we can help those who may have struggled in the past to find therapists who relate to their unique needs.

Core Values

  • Teachability: Approach Therapy’s therapists and clients are interested and invested in e learning and growing. We are all on a path of growth.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approach: Approach Therapy knows there are different styles of therapy, and our approach is using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; other psychodynamic therapists are not a good fit for our company.
  • Relationships: Approach Therapy cares about the relationship therapists have with their clients. Therapists need to understand human connection and how that helps the clients work through something. Respecting the client as a partner and not talking down to them, i.e., we’re working on this together.
  • Feedback: Approach Therapy values feedback from other therapists as well as clients. We understand that not every client is a perfect fit, and that we aren’t infallible or perfect; we are always open to improvement and self-reflection.
  • Non-Mysterious: Clients and prospective clients are in a vulnerable position and afraid of the unknown, or what therapy will be like. They should not have mystery questions that they can’t ask. Nothing that will happen in therapy should be a surprise or should happen without the patients’ consent and knowledge.

Temporary Therapy: Approach Therapy takes clients with the understanding that they should be able to eventually help themselves using the techniques learned in therapy. We do not believe in keeping people sick or unwell for their entire lives, but instead getting them to a place where they can thrive.