You are thrilled about your organization’s growth but you don’t have the bandwidth to do everything.

You have lots of good ideas but not enough time or people to execute the types of trainings and team-building exercises you would like to provide.

You want to distinguish yourself from other companies and foster a company culture you can be proud of.

Now, more than ever, you understand your employees and tired, burned out, and low on morale. Yet you aren’t sure how to improve the culture, manage change, or improve team functioning and productivity.

At Approach Therapy, we help healthcare organizations design wellness trainings, presentations, and team-building activities.

Using principles of organizational psychology and behavior, we help small to moderately-sized healthcare organizations design and implement employee-facing activities designed to cultivate, restore, or enhance the functioning of employees in their jobs and the teams they belong to.

Like our individual counseling services, our organizational consults are designed to help you address the types of issues that may arise at various levels of the organization. Whether you are interested in conducting a small team training or wondering how to manage organizational change, Approach Therapy can help.

To learn more about our services and how we might help, please e-mail