Counseling to Help You Navigate Stressful Life Changes

Are You Having a Hard Time Adjusting to Change?

On the surface, it seems like things are mostly okay. Yet you can’t help but feel uneasy or off-balance.  You cannot point to one thing that feels really bad. You knew there would be some bumps in the road and figured there might be some growing pains. Yet, you did not realize how much you, your loved ones, and your life would change as a result of one event or decision.

At first, you tried to wait it out and hoped you would start to feel better soon. You didn’t talk about it and hoped the feelings would go away. Unfortunately, your self-confidence seems to be lacking and you are starting to doubt your abilities, decisions, and actions. You may be worried that, if something doesn’t change soon, you will get stuck in this rut.

Online Therapy for Overwhelming life changes

Everyone experiences difficulties when going through life changes - even the planned or "exciting" life events.

Most people take time to adapt to change and experience stress when going through a life change or transition – even when the individual planned, worked towards, or hoped for the life event, as is often the case with the birth of a child, a work promotion, or a wedding. People often feel caught off guard when they feel stressed by a positive life changes or expected life events. This happens because we often associate stress with negative or unexpected life events (i.e., an unexpected death or breakup). In addition, people in our lives may expect us to feel happy or excited. This may leave you feeling even more isolated, worried, or stressed. The good news is that with the help of an experienced therapist, you can start to feel better about yourself and learn to confidently navigate stressful situations without losing yourself in the process. 

Therapy Tailored to Help You Maintain Your Sense of Self While Adapting to This New Phase in Your Life

At Approach Therapy, we work to help you better understand how you were impacted by what was going on in your life and where your abilities to cope with the changes were likely overwhelmed. To do this, you and your therapist will spend some time getting to know one another during an intake. The intake usually takes place over the course of three sessions and gives both you and your therapist a sense of what it is like to work together. During that time your therapist will learn more about you and what you hope to accomplish through therapy.

Therapists at Approach Therapy utilize therapy techniques that are backed by research. Your therapist may ask you to complete activities or practice skills between therapy session which may help you gain insight and build skills more quickly which may lead you to obtain some relief sooner.

At Approach Therapy, we do more than just smile and nod.

We utilize evidence-based practices and data-driven approaches to help you tackle problems head-on. With 24/7 online scheduling, options for in-person or teletherapy appointments, and paperless client portals you can access around the clock, click below to request an appointment today.

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