Approach Therapy Groups

Young Adult Anxiety Group

At first, COVID-19 felt like a blessing in disguise. You didn’t feel the need to socialize or go outside and you actually felt relief, less guilt, and pretty good overall. Then you realized you were getting a little too comfortable. Your anxiety wasn’t getting better. You just weren’t leaving your comfort zone. You weren’t challenging yourself to grow or meet new people and, honestly, there weren’t many options to meet people or socialize anyway.

If you are interested in our Young Adult Anxiety Group please reach out via e-mail to for more information.


Approach Therapy Groups

Our groups are designed to help people who may struggle with anxiety to various degrees ease back into aspects of social life. To help with that transition and to navigate some some of these interactions, we designed an anxiety support group in which adults in their 20s and 30s can discuss their anxiety, navigate social interactions, get support from a mental health professional and gain support from others who may struggle with some of the same issues.

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