Couple’s Therapy will soon be available to residents of California

Some days you would rather be alone.

The same argument keeps happening over and over. Things just aren’t getting better. You aren’t sure if you will ever get on the same page. You’re worried that you might be staying in this relationship for the wrong reasons. You may not even be sure if Couple’s Therapy can help. Silently, you wonder if life would be easier if you were single. You want to feel good about yourself and your relationship.  It would be awesome to talk to your partner without arguing every. Single. Time.

You want to enjoy your life.

More importantly, you want to be with your partner because you both choose one another, not because you feel stuck. At Approach Therapy, we help clients narrow in on the core of their relationship issues. Together with your therapist, you will talk about what’s going on and decide what to do about it. Most importantly, you will be provided with skills to help you and your partner move forward with your lives in a way that makes sense for you both. With 24/7 online scheduling and evening appointment availability, starting couple’s therapy is just a few clicks away.