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How to Become a Pro at Identifying Your Feelings Do you sometimes struggle to identify your needs in your relationships? Do you find yourself making choices that you regret later? It could be because you have a hard time recognizing your own emotions​. If you’re interested in learning how to label your feelings, take a look below.</p> <h2>What Are Emotions, …

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Do you want to be more motivated but need help figuring out how to get started? Don’t worry; you don’t have to be motivated to get motivated. Contrary to popular belief, motivation actually comes after we do something. We feel motivated to take action when something feels rewarding. For example, You might feel motivated to exercise this afternoon because you remember how good it felt yesterday.

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What to Look For in a Therapist What to look for in a therapist? Finding a therapist can be hard. We might reach out to a therapist to find out they are not accepting new clients. Or we find one we like but they do not take our insurance. what to look for in a physical therapist? Now let’s say …

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Is CBT Right for Me? Whether you are curious about therapy or you’ve recently decided to pursue it, chances are that you have heard about a therapeutic approach called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). At the same time, you might be reading this because you’re unsure if this therapy style will help you reach your goals.  In any case, take some …

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Is CBT right for me

Pobody’s Nerfect: How to Get Back to Healthy Eating Habits​ At times it doesn’t take much to lure us off our path of healthy eating. Maybe a stressful or busy week at work, a vacation, or a big holiday… But those things are over now and all of the excuses are out the window. It’s time to get back on …

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3 Ways to Cultivate More Self-Compassion What is self-compassion? Many people are brought up to always be kind to others. But how many of us were taught to be kind to ourselves? Self-compassion, or self-love, can often seem like a foreign concept, particularly to those raised in an abusive or unloving home. Self-compassion and self-love are not to be confused …

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Three Ways to Boost Your Confidence Confidence has a significant impact on various life outcomes. In fact, studies show a clear connection between confidence and occupational success, healthy relationships, a sense of well-being, positive perceptions by peers, academic achievement, and healthy coping skills (Trzesniewski, Donnellan, & Robins, 2003). Confidence begins developing from a young age. As we learn things like …

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Social media can positively impact mental health. This was particularly relevant during the pandemic and continues to be so during re-opening.

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Being a caregiver is stressful and taxing. The Six Ways Caregivers Can Cope During COVID-19. Every day you prioritize others and worry you are not doing enough. You do your best to keep loved ones healthy, stable, and safe. Then, COVID-19 happened. In addition to everything you already do,  you are also worrying about getting sick, paying bills, and navigating …

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How To Make Online Therapy Work For You Get Best Tips to Make Online Therapy Work For You​, Dr. Melanie Chinchilla was recently interviewed by <a href=””>Holly Pevzner</a> of  <a href=””>Psycom</a&gt;, the 3<sup>rd</sup> largest site in the US that focuses exclusively on mental health. She shared useful tips on how to make <a href=””>online therapy</a> work for you.</p><h2>Tips to Make …

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