How To Identify Your Emotions

How to Become a Pro at Identifying Your Feelings Do you sometimes struggle to identify your needs in your relationships? Do you find yourself making choices that you regret later? It could be because you have a hard time recognizing your own emotions​. If you’re interested in learning how to label your feelings, take a look below.</p> <h2>What Are Emotions, …

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How to Help a Suicidal Friend

It can be challenging to support someone considering taking their own life. It can bring up feelings of fear, helplessness, or even anger. You might worry that you’ll say the wrong thing and make them feel worse. If this sounds familiar, here are five tips on how to help a friend (and yourself) navigate suicidal ideation.

How to help a suicidal friend

3 Signs You Might be Struggling with Anxiety

Three Signs You Might be Struggling with Anxiety​ <h4><a href=””>by Emily Rubens, LMFT</a></h4><section data-id=”bdffddb” data-element_type=”section”><h1>What is anxiety?</h1></section><section data-id=”394f52da” data-element_type=”section”>First and foremost, anxiety is just like all of our other emotions – it has its purpose and arises when needed.  It’s also an emotion that we have all experienced at one point or another. Despite this, you’ve probably heard family, peers, …

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How to Increase Motivation

Do you want to be more motivated but need help figuring out how to get started? Don’t worry; you don’t have to be motivated to get motivated. Contrary to popular belief, motivation actually comes after we do something. We feel motivated to take action when something feels rewarding. For example, You might feel motivated to exercise this afternoon because you remember how good it felt yesterday.

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Emotional Validation

Emotional Validation What Is Emotional Validation?​ The process of validation involves learning and understanding another person’s emotions. The aim of validation is not to alter people’s emotions but to accept them as they are. It helps diffuse conflict and increases effective communication. Validation is not the same thing as an affirmation. Validation does not imply agreement. It’s not about who …

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A Few Causes of Low Self-Esteem & How to Improve

The origin of many human behaviors can be batted around in the nature/nurture debate. But when it comes to self-esteem, we know with absolute certainty there are always external causes of it. No child is born with low self-esteem; rather self-critical thought patterns develop over time as a result of external stimuli and input from others. Below are some causes …

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How to Prevent Burnout

Not many people get through life without experiencing burnout at some point. Whether it’s from working more than one job, taking care of a sick loved one, or juggling family life while going back to school, burnout is real, and it negatively impacts your life and health. Common Signs of Burnout If you think you may be experiencing burnout but …

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