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Emily Rubens

Individual & Couples Therapist

Emily Rubens, APCC

Individual and Couples Therapist

Individual Therapist, APCC # 5308 Supervised by Melanie Chinchilla, PhD

When you finally have the time, energy, and courage to start working on the issue — it starts to feel bigger, not better. What initially felt like ONE problem is beginning to feel much messier than you initially imagined.

My goal is to help you feel less overwhelmed and more confident so you can get exactly where you want to be.

Melanie Chinchilla, PhD

Individual Therapist

Clinical Psychologist CA #30451; IL # 071010435

These days it is hard to know what is causing you to feel badly – the stress of the pandemic, the debacle of the past four years, or waiting for the other shoe that feels like it still might drop. You are tired of treading water and waiting for better days. You also wonder if you even have a right to feel bad.

I can help you sift through the murkiness, feel better, and find your way.

Melanie Chinchilla, PhD

ceo & Clinical Psychologist

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