I’m Dr. Melanie Chinchilla, a Clinical Psychologist in San Francisco, California.

Finding a therapist can be draining. 

Looking for a therapist isn’t fun. The process can be downright frustrating and annoying. Frankly, you might want to settle for any therapist who will give you an appointment.  Please do yourself a favor. Don’t settle. The relationship between you and your therapist is really important. If you aren’t comfortable with a therapist, you likely aren’t going to want to see them, let alone talk to that person about personal things. 

My goal is to be the type of therapist I would want. 

I take an active role in therapy. I won’t just stare at you and nod. In the first few sessions, I will ask lots of questions. I will listen to you but I may also challenge you. Growth and change aren’t only possible, they are very likely given the right set of circumstances. However, I don’t have a magic wand. 

There is no one-size-fits-all therapy.

I tailor therapy for every person I work with. We will talk about your unique situation, stressors, quirks, concerns, and ways you learn best.I may ask you to do things outside of session because life happens between therapy sessions.The strategies I use have been successful for many people.

You are not solely defined by any one aspect of your identity.
I am excited to learn how you define yourself, who you choose to be, 
where you want to go in life, and how I can help you get there. 

Therapy does not have to be an intimidating or mysterious process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. To set up a free consultation, click below.